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Martin State Airport Runway Rehabilitation Project

About the Project

The Runway 15 – 33 Rehabilitation Project (15 – 33 Rehab) is one of several development initiatives focused on improving Martin State Airport’s (MTN) infrastructure to enhance safety, efficiency, and environmental sustainability in accordance with industry standards and regulatory requirements. This project supports our strategic goals of enhancing regional connectivity, supporting economic growth, and facilitating tourism.

The project aims to mill and overlay the 6,997-foot runway and the 1,103-foot aligned taxiway with grooved asphalt. Runway 15-33 will be repaved and marked for a 150-foot width with 15-foot shoulders, aligning with current FAA guidance for the fleet mix at Martin State Airport. Additional work includes:

  • Upgrading runway edge lighting
  • Replacing runway and taxiway electrical circuits
  • Installing new airfield signage
  • Replacing Taxiway Alpha edge lighting
  • Rebuilding Taxiway Alpha and Charlie to comply with FAA standards
  • Removing Taxiway Bravo, Delta, and Sierra

MTN, a Reliever Airport within the FAA’s National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems (NPIAS), plays a crucial role in diverting general aviation activity from larger commercial service airports, thereby minimizing delays and congestion at those larger airports, such as Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI). The Runway 15 -33 Rehab project is the first of several initiatives committed to strengthening Martin State Airport’s long-term viability and its local, regional, and national impacts, inspiring a future of enhanced regional connectivity and economic growth.

Project Overview

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Runway Rehabilitation

  • The project includes installing new asphalt pavement, upgrading runway edge lights, installing new airfield signage, applying new markings, and grooving the new runway surface.
  • Currently 180′ wide without shoulders, the runway will be repaved and marked to a width of 150′ with 15′ wide shoulders. The adjustment aligns with FAA guidance for the Airport’s fleet mix, simplifying airfield maintenance, particularly during snow removal.
  • At the conclusion of this project, the runway length will be published at 6,997’.

Taxiway Upgrades

  • Taxiway A pavement at Taxiway T will be constructed with new concrete, while the runway‘s west side (Administration Building) will have asphalt pavement.
  • Taxiway C pavement will be replaced with new asphalt, aligned perpendicularly with Runway 15-33.
  • Areas currently occupied by Taxiways B and C will be converted to turf infield.
  • New asphalt connectors will be constructed for Taxiway E, where the runway pavement meets the taxiway.
  • The connector taxiways adjacent to the runway will undergo improvements, including asphalt paving alongside the runway edge, replacement of Taxiway A edge lighting, signage, and markings.
  • Taxiways A and C will be reconstructed to meet current FAA standards, while Taxiways B, D, and S will be removed.
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These upgrades are essential for ensuring the continued safety, efficiency, and compliance of operations at Martin State Airport.

Project Phasing

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Construction Work

April 1, 2024 through July 5, 2024
  • Nightly closures of runway 15-33 for milling, paving, lighting and signage upgrades
  • Extended Closure of A and TWY T Adjacent to the Maryuland Air National Guard Apron (East Access Only)
  • Reduced Accelerated Stop Distance Available (ASDA) and Landing Distance Available (LDA) for RWY 33
  • Aircraft may take off from taxiway C with 5,500 feet of runway or back taxiway when departing the runway 15 end
  • Runway 33 Localizer will be out of service until July 2024

Full Runway Closure

July 6, 2024 through July 27, 2024
(21 Day Closure)
  • Extended Closure of RWY 15-33 and all taxiways (Airfield Closed to Fixed Wing Aircraft).
  • Removal of Taxiway S and Taxiway D
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Project Timeline

Date Project Details

January 2024

January 22, 2024:

Notice to Proceeded granted to P.F. Flanigan & Sons, Inc.

April 1, 2024

Night closures begin.

July 6 - 27, 2024

Extended runway closure.

Sunset to sunrise runway and taxiway closure resume until September.

September 2024

Substantial completion targeted for September 30, 2024.

October 2024

Full project completion anticipated by October 31, 2024.

Project Updates

  • Taxiway A and Taxiway T between Taxiway A and the Maryland Air National Guard Ramp temporarily closed

  • Taxiway D closed permanently

  • Runway 15-33 and taxiways will close from sunset to sunrise daily from June 8 to July 5, 2024.

  • Taxiway S, between Runway 15-33 and Taxiway F, closed permanently on May 28, 2024.

Project Images & Downloads

Questions & Inquiries

If you have any questions regarding this project, please contact MTN Airport Operations.

MTN Airport Operations

Phone: 410-682-8831