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Whether you're visiting the Baltimore - Washington area or simply refueling, Martin State Airport offers a clear, no-problem overwater approach. Plus a runway longer than Ronald Reagan National Airport and wider than BWI-Marshall's GA. On the ground, our approach to pilot comfort includes good food and enhanced facilities.

Just 10 nautical miles from the airport to the heart of downtown Baltimore, Martin State Airport has it all...from pilots to the people they serve.


If you received a text from "Maryland-MDot Urgent" the text is a SCAM and was not sent from MDOT. We are advising customers NOT to click on the link and DELETE the message immediately. If you did not provide any personal information, your personal information is safe. If you did open it and click the link, for information on identity theft and ways to protect your identity, see Maryland Attorney General's ID Theft page for help.

MDOT and its transportation business units take the privacy of its customers and their personal information very seriously. MDOT MVA would not ask customers to provide this personal information in this way. For future reference, MDOT MVA only sends text messages to confirm, modify and cancel customer appointments. If you ever receive a text that you didn't expect, please alert us at